For many organizations, it is necessary to understand the importance of the above subject on their growth.The Data Protection Act was introduced in order to ensure that businesses do not store huge amounts of user data on their website. Also, the issue of such data sharing is looked at sternly. Thus, businesses should have a clear understanding of the issue and try to avoid such practices or face legal action.

Suitable channel for communication

You should initially introduce the business model to the Information Commissioner. However, businesses that use data of personal nature for staff administration purposes or factors like marketing, advertising, sales and Public Relations do not need to inform others regarding the same.

On the other hand, using data for third-party sales is seriously looked on. As a result, under the Data Protection Act, they need to inform the above authorities regarding the usage of such information. This should be as per the 8 basic principles of the Act.

Implications of the Act

One of the biggest implications of the Data Protection Act is that a company that wishes to transfer the information gathered from users to a third party – needs to seek out the user’s consent.

The act provides for high priority for individual rights. This is further considering the growing instances of privacy breach and data protection. Therefore, as per the directions, Data Protection Act ensures that no company can collect, process or share the customer’s personal information. However, the same can be done with their consent. It can be used only for the intended purposes only.

Sharing information about the business

Companies need to be clear about what data is collected. Similarly, the Data Protection Act needs your business to explain the collected data and for how long the same may be retained. Such a bill also permits the customers to share their data from one or more than one service providers. This allows them to evaluate the data shared publicly them.


Currently, with the globalization of online business and different services, we are now online dealing with our clients. Being online means we have to deal with several kinds of data therefore we need to keep our data safe specifically if it’s related to personal details.

Therefore it’s a very important task for you to get prepared with the data protection act guidance on compliance before you ask for any online work. We G-Info Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. have the full expertise in preparing data protection guidelines as per the different rules or laws in different countries.

Our work starts with understanding the businesses and what kind of data you need to deal with. Apart from that what are the critical aspects of the data which need to be strictly protected? With the support of our experts not only we can support you to prepare the data protection guidelines as per the client’s rudiments but also we can suggest you the supporting tools as well.


The user data is sensitive. Hence, the consent of the user’s is necessary to gain their trust in your brand. If the same is not done, the issue may lead to issues with the customers and impact their long-term association with you.



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Jaspal Singh

Outstanding and inexplicable services were received by us as a Stellar from GIS consulting team for the ISO 27001 implementation and Cybersecurity. It would,indeed, have become a major hurdle for us to obtain this most desired certification if we hadn’t got accompanied by this incredible consultancy team of professionals. To be honest, the team members present in GIS consulting team are extremely high knowledgeable, professional and skilled. A special and big thanks to Mr. Naveen Dham, for being with us everytime we felt struggled while implementing any stuffs related to infosec. Hats off.

Jaspal Singh, Sr. Quality & Compliance, Stellar Data Recovery,
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Strength of Global IS Consulting lies in their team of seasoned professionals led by their CEO who has helped Interglobe in strengthening it’s security posture by conducting regular vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to help us secure our environment.

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Thanks to Cybersecurity Team of Global IS Consulting who has been instrumental in protecting us from latest cyber threats through their extensive penetration testing done on our networks and financial webportals. We appreciate the remediation actions implemented by the team to make us compliant to PCI DSS Standard.

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Global IS Consulting is one of the most professional and committed consulting organization that we have come across. Helmed by Mr Naveen Dham, the company efficiently and effectively built a Management System based on IS 27001:2013 standard for our organization. The best part was the level of involvement and keen participation in all the activities pertaining to the certification process of the organization.

Sandeep Chauhan, DGM Quality, PL Engineering (Punj Lloyd Group),
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Thanks to CEO of Global IS Consulting for helping us achieve ISO27001 Certification by indepth implementation and maintaining it for last 5 years in row. Appreciate the professional approach, dedication and massive knowledge carried by the team.

Amandeep Bawa, IT Head, Panasonic India Pvt Ltd, Corporate Office Gurgaon,
Durgesh Upadhyaya

We appreciate the support provided by CEO of Global IS Consulting; Mr. Naveen Dham for helping us achieve ISO 27001 and every year ISMS maintenance provided for real time compliance to ISO 27001 standard

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Global IS Consulting is a group of experienced, talented and committed professionals. The CEO of the organization with his team has always shown his best in every project handled by them in the past. He has been instrumental in certifying our client Aircel for ISO 27001:2013 and maintaining it for last 3 years.

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CEO of Global IS Consulting, Naveen Dham is very professional in his work. He has an indepth knowledge of ISO 27001, PCI DSS, ISO 20000 and various other IT Standards and is able to quickly adapt the requirements of the standards required with what the client wants to accomplish, resulting in a lot of value addition to the clients. He has a wide variety of implementation scenarios in his background that he can draw information from. We highly recommend Naveen for any ISMS, ITSMS, PCI DSS and cybersecurity consultation projects.

Sandhya Khamesra, North Business Head, BSI Group,

Hats off to CEO of Global IS consulting who has been maintaining our ISO 27001 & ISO 20000 standard maintenance since our inception. Their Cybersecurity experts have been instrumental in protecting us from latest cyber threats through their extensive penetration of our network and patching them in time.

Rumila, Senior Vice President, Silaris Informations Pvt. Ltd.,
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