What Is General Data Protection Regulation And Why Is It Essential?

Jul 11, 2021
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general data protection regulation india (GDPR)

The data breaching and leaking are taken into consideration, since the time when digitalization started blooming in the country. Now, in this era, when everything is shifting online, it is very essential to protect anyone’s personal information and data.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European Law that took effect in May 2018, to protect the data and privacy of people across the European Union. After that, many other countries also implemented the same type of law of data protection.  India took the steps of Europian’s general data protection regulation (GDPR) and established a committee to set up a data protection framework for India also called Data Protection Committee(DPC).  The proposed bill(Personal Data Protection Bill) imposes many rules for the general data protection regulation in India.

Now let us know something more about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation )


How GDPR comes into consideration? 

It first came into consideration in 2012, when the Commission of Europe set out different data protection reform plans across the EU (European Union) to make Europe fully prepared and fit for the digital world. After four years of planning, in 2016 the agreement was enforced and a new law of GRPR was made.


What is basically a GDPR?

If talking in simple terms, GDPR is a set of rules imposed to give the citizens of Europe more control over their personal information and data. These rules were designed to provide a regulatory environment for both the business and citizens to take full advantage of the digital economy.


What is GDPR compliance?

Information gets stolen, hacked, lost, or might be released into the hands of someone who never intended to get it. Data breaching hacking also happens now and then.  Under the GDPR, organizations have to ensure the safety of Data and they have to ensure that they are gathering data legally that too under strict conditions.  There is a fine of up to 4% of global turnover if the rules have not complied.


Who does GDPR apply to?

GDPR applies to any organization in the EU and any organization outside the EU which involves the export and import of services, goods, or business in the European Union.

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