Protect your Mobile Phones from Cyber Attacks with our Free E-Book

Mar 15, 2019
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protect your mobile phones from cyber attacks with our free e-book

Protect Your Mobile Phones From Cyber Attacks With Our Free E-Book. After a deadly attack by ransomware which has affected PC users across the world, we have seen ransomware on PCs dominate the threat landscape over the last many months with their unprecedented volume and destructiveness. But now cyber criminals may attack another vector: the Android mobile platform.

As per the research conducted by Trendmicro it shows unique Android ransomware threats grew 15 times higher in June 2016 than in April 2015.

The mobile ransomware threat started over two years ago and has gone almost unnoticed in the public eye, overshadowed by its big brother – PC ransomware threats. But should we be paying closer attention?

Let’s discuss how you should take care of your mobile security and what you can do to keep your mobile devices safe before you become victim of any such virus attack.

You can download our free ebook to have an insight to mobile device security and secure your data from ransomware. Click on below link to download your free ebook today :-Protect your mobile phones from cyber attacks with our free e-book.

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