Hack To Bypass The Password or Screen Lock On iPhones And It’s Remedy

Mar 15, 2019
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Jose Rodriguez, an iPhone enthusiast, has found a password bypass vulnerability in Apple’s new iOS version 12 that possibly enables an attacker to access photographs and contacts, including telephone numbers and messages, on a locked iPhone XS and other ongoing iPhone models.

Rodriguez, who likewise found iPhone lock screen hacks previously, has posted two video recordings (in Spanish) on his YouTube channel under the account name “Videosdebarraquito” exhibiting a complicated 37-step iPhone password bypass process.

The iPhone authorization screen bypass flaw works at the most recent iPhones, including the iPhone XS, running Apple’s most recent iOS 12 beta and iOS 12 working frameworks

Video Demonstrations: Here’s How to Bypass iPhone Passcode

As you can watch in the video demonstrations, the iPhone hack works gave the attacker has physical access to the targeted iPhone that has Siri enabled and Face ID either disabled or physically secured.

Once these prerequisites are fulfilled, the attacker can start the entangled 37-step iPhone password bypass process by deceiving Siri and iOS availability feature called VoiceOver to avoid the iPhone’s password.

Soon after Rodriguez released his video recordings, a tech channel on YouTube under the handle “EverythingApplePro” distributed a video in English clarifying the equivalent password bypass hack on iPhone XS.

This iPhone password bypass technique possibly enables the attack to get to the contacts stored in the iPhone, including telephone numbers and email addresses, and to get to Camera Roll and other photograph folders, by choosing a contact to edit and change its picture.

In spite of the fact that Apple has some worked in safety efforts to keep this from happening, Rodriguez figured out how to bypass those security hindrances, as you see in the video.

Here’s the way to Fix the iPhone Password Bypass Bug

The password bypass techniques works on all iPhones including the most recent iPhone XS lineup, however, the organization does not seem to have fixed the vulnerabilities in the most recent iOS 12.1 beta.

Until Apple comes up with a fix, you can temporarily fix the issue by just disabling Siri from the lock screen. Here’s how to disable Siri:

  • Go to the Settings →
  • Face ID & Passcode (Touch ID & Passcode on iPhones with Touch ID) and
  • Disable Siri toggle under “Allow access when locked.”

Obviously, disabling Siri would disable your iOS 12 experience, yet would keep the attacker from manhandling the feature and breaking into your iPhone.

In the interim, simply sit tight for Apple to issue a software update to address the issue as soon as possible.

iPhone passcode bypass hack has become common over the last few years and appears almost after every iOS release. An iOS 9.3.1 passcode bypass was found last year, allowing an attacker to bypass Siri to search Twitter and gain access to locked iPhone’s photos and contacts.