Fireball Malware, Another Deadly Virus Attack After Wanacry Ransomware

Mar 15, 2019
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HIGHLIGHTS of Fireball Malware

1. Fireball Malware is designed to hijack browsers to change default search engine
2. The Fireball malware also has ability to remotely run any code on victim’s machine
3. Check Point estimated that one in five corporate networks globally

While enterprises across the globe are still recuperating from the massive “WannaCry” fireball malware attack, security firm Check Point has warned of a new outbreak that has already infected 250 million computers worldwide with India among the worst-hit countries.

The new threat called “Fireball” walware is designed to hijack browsers to change the default search engine and track their web traffic on behalf of a Beijing-based digital marketing firm called Rafotech, reported on Friday.

The firm said it has found that the fireball malware also has the ability to remotely run any code on the victim’s machine or download new malicious files.

“A quarter-billion computers could very easily become victims of real fireball malware. It installs a backdoor into all these computers that can be very, very easily exploited in the hands of the Chinese people behind this campaign,” Maya Horowitz, head of Check Point research team, was quoted as saying.

Based on analysis of its own network of clients, Check Point estimated that one in five corporate networks globally has at least one infection.

“But only a fraction of those victims, around 5.5 million PCs, are in the US. Far worse hit are countries like India and Brazil, with close to 25 million infected machines each,” the firm said.

The new threat allows its administrators to turn their unwilling ad-revenue generation audience into a botnet, or to harvest credentials and other private data en masse.

Horowitz said that the intentions of the developers are not only to monetize on advertisements and it looks like they want to have the opportunity to take it to the next level.

About Fireball malware

The primary function of Fireball malware is to distribute ads on your PC, though its name implies that it is a system help application. In general, we will call it adware because it is ad-supported. And ads are just tool for Fireball malware, and its betterbuywatches real purpose is to make profits from your clicks. The more you open its links, the more money it earns. In this way, you can image that it will do whatever it could to seduce you into its ads.

With Fireball malware on your PC, it will be the issue for your PC system, as well as a severe issue for your information and data security. From one viewpoint, it can make up the ads with your data it identifies from your online moves. Also, this substance is just to draw in you, and it’s nothing to do with the substance of the connection. On the off chance that you tap on it, you will be deceived to download freeware on your PC, which will bring about troubles on your PC framework.

Then again, Fireball malware adware is equipped for hijacking your Browsers and changing your settings, and it can debilitate your firewall. In this manner, it can open the indirect accesses for virus. Along these lines, your information will be utilised to earn money for it.

As Fireball malware is regularly committed by its engineer who is good at composing programming, it is difficult to get it erased specifically. Therefore, we here provide you several guides to assist you.

Fireball malware Behaviour:

1. It changes browser settings and DNS settings to redirect you to unwanted websites.
2. It downloads Adware which harasses you with annoying ads nowhere.
3. It may be able to track your browsing traces and interests to collect your information.
4. It may help cyber criminal steal your sensitive information such as banking accounts.
5. It can strikingly slow down system speed.
6. It will corrupt system files make your computer crash down.

Fireball malware Automatic Removal

Step 1 – Scan your computer with SpyHuner Malware Scanner and remove Fireball malware and other threats:

If you are not a advanced PC users with rich experience and knowledge on handling PC virus, we highly recommend you to use SpyHunter Malware Scanner to get rid of Fireball malware with ease and without risk.

– Click the button below to “Download SpyHuner Malware Scanner“ safely:

*Free version of SpyHunter will help you detect unsafe items for free. After it detects dangerous items, you can locate their paths and manually get rid of them on your own if you have rich experience on manual virus removal; In case manual removal is too difficult for you, you have choice to purchase its full version to remove the virus automatically. Meanwhile, the full version of SpyHunter will offers you unlimited one-on-one professional help for replica watch any malware related issue by its official PC expert. If you want to uninstall it, follow steps on this guide: Guide to Uninstall SpyHunter / RegHunter. )

– Now double-click SpyHunter-Installer.exe to install it:
how do I remove to get rid of Fireball malware quickly and completely

Now click Star New Scan or click Scan Computer Now to detect Fireball malware and related viruses.
how do I get rid of Fireball malware quickly and completely

Once it completes the scan, click Fix Threats to remove Fireball malware and other viruses.
Fireball malware quick removal

Step 2 Run RegHunter to Fix Registry Error and Security Bugs Caused by Fireball malware.
To prevent Fireball malware coming back after system restart, you need to recover your Registry to healthy status and fix all the security bugs / exploits caused by Fireball malware. But please note that Registry is one of the most complicated and import section to a system, we should always be carefully while having any operations in it. Therefore, if you are not a computer expert, it’s wise to use a reliable tool to help you fix the Registry and security bugs automatically. Our tech team has tested different Registry fixer and system optimizer, and ranked RegHunter as the best tool which can help users fix all the system errors including Registry error, BSOD error and system crash. Download it to recover your PC to the best status with top performance.

– Click the button below to download RegHunter System Optimizer:

* If you want to remove it, follow steps in this guide: Guide to Uninstall SpyHunter / RegHunter. The free version of RegHunter provides unlimited free scans and detection. After it detects corrupted registry files and system errors files, you can follow the scan results to manually replace them with healthy files copied from healthy PC on your own; or to purchase its full version to automatically fix the Registry and errors with ease. Meanwhile, the full version of RegHunter will offer you great features to optimise your system performance.

Now double-click RegHunter-Installer.exe to install it
Fireball malware easy removal way

– Click “Scan for Registry Errors Now” to detect corrupted files and fix all errors caused by Fireball malware:
delete Fireball malware quickly

– Click “Repair All Errors” to fix Registry and optimise system performance:
get rid of Fireball malware quickly

Step 3 (Optional) Run Avast Internet Security (100% Free Version) to re-check your PC and protect your privacy:

In case of any further queries, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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